Bath Vanity Cabinets Ideas for Your Bathroom


When renovating the bathroom you will most likely be shopping for Bath Vanity Cabinets for your desain rumah minimalis 1 lantai 3 kamar. You do not need to break the bank when buying a bathroom vanity. If you are on a tight budget check your local home improvement store. Sometimes you can get a good deal on last year’s model, or the display. You should also browse online and check out the major cabinet websites like American Woodworking or Kraft Maid.

Renovating a bathroom is an expensive project. You want to save money where you can, yet you do want a high quality vanity at the same time. Shopping around is the key to finding a good deal, offline or online. Simply settling for a cheaply made vanity will not serve you well, because you will be replacing it again in a few years, and usually means you will replacing the plumbing fixtures underneath the sink. It is prudent to go with quality even if you must spend just a little bit more.

Bath Vanity Cabinets Ideas for Your Bathroom

Bath Vanity Cabinets Ideas for Your Bathroom

What Distinguishes Bath Vanity Cabinets from Kitchen Cabinets?

Bath vanity cabinets are similar to kitchen cabinets, but offer less depth. This means do not buy kitchen cabinets as a bathroom vanity, because it will not fit right. Do not let your husband try and modify kitchen cabinets for the bathroom, it will not work.

When choosing a vanity color and style is of prime importance. Naturally you want it to be in sync with the bathroom. Keep in mind many of the bath vanity cabinets you find at the local improvement store are made from medium-density fiberboard, or MDF. While inexpensive, MDF bath vanity cabinets tend to fall apart if they become wet. If you have an emergency in your bathroom, you could end up replacing the vanity.

Quality vanities are made of plywood, at least the sides are. Plywood is stronger than MDF, and if your bathroom does experience a disaster wood will hold up much better. In addition, plywood vanities will outlast MDF vanities even if you do not have an emergency. If you are not sure if the bath vanity cabinets you are looking at are made of wood, read the label or as a sales associate.

Tips for Purchasing Bath Vanity Cabinets

When shopping for bath vanity cabinets at the local home improvement center look for brand names, like American Woodworking. It is wise to conduct some online research before shopping. You can download pictures and even PDF catalogs from the Internet. Remember, many of the bath vanity cabinets in home improvement stores are made from MDF, but not all, especially if you stick with the main brands. Special ordering a vanity right at the store will likely provide you with a top quality vanity.Bath Vanity Cabinets

In summary, when renovating a bathroom you will likely be shopping for bath vanity cabinets. Choose a color and style that will match your new bathroom. Many vanities are made from MDF. While this is a sturdy material, it may fall apart if it becomes wet. Top quality vanities are made from plywood and generally outlast MDF constructed vanities. It is best to stick with brand names when choosing your next vanity.

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