Important Bathroom Storage Ideas and Tips


What kind of things would you like to store in your bathroom?  Is this a one person bathroom, do you share it with someone or is it a family bathroom or kamar mandi minimalis sederhana ?  Taking account of all the items to be stored now in the bathroom and factoring in future growth and addition of more products is one of the most significant and creative bathroom storage ideas that will help you figure out what kind of bathroom storage type is best for you and how to go about getting and installing one.  I have a number of great bathroom cabinet storage ideas that you will find very beneficial in setting up your bathroom storage system.

Important Bathroom Storage Ideas and Tips

Important Bathroom Storage Ideas and Tips

  1. First, you need to evaluate the available size in your bathroom.  Bathrooms with big spaces may allow for dressing tables or storage furniture that can stand on their own but for smaller bathrooms, it may be imperative to make use of available wall space and set up cabinets.
  2. Is there sufficient space in the house for beauty and cleaning products?  There may be some products that you may not use regularly but occupy a lot of space.  Among the most important bathroom storage ideas for small bathrooms is to store these products in a different room such as garage or store room.
  1. Store those items you use regularly closer or in front of those that you rarely use in the bathroom.  There are many bathroom cabinet storage ideas you will come across but among the most important is the significance is to sort the products you use according to how often they are required and store them in different cabinets if possible.
  2. Since the space of storing products is often limited in bathrooms, creative bathroom storage ideas are essential to ensure that you maximize the use of available space.  Well planned shelves are often the easiest way to make use of available space. For instance, keeping medicines in bottles in one shelf and keeping tissues on another and soaps and other cosmetic products on another side of the wall because you can pile them will help economize available space.
  3. The other bathroom storage ideas for small bathrooms is to take advantage of any spaces where sanitary-ware do not fit.  You can easily place towels, brushes and soaps in such areas and save cabinet shelves for other things.  If you use more towels, consider having towel bars installed to further save on space and make access to these items easy.

Bathroom storage ideas

Bathroom storage ideas- The space factor

In my experience, nobody ever said their home is perfect, there are always issues about size and space- not enough this or that, my bedroom is small, bathroom is too compacted and no storage space available. It’s either one complaint or the other. I therefore came to assumptions of no perfect home- there is always room to improve, economise or maximize spaces to making our bathroom near to perfection. When looking for bathroom storage ideas, then space is great factor to consider.

In an ideal bathroom, three storage ideas come to mind to exploited:


  • The bathroom walls

  • Back of the door

  • Over the toilet space


Maximizing the use of each of these spaces can affect greatly the general outlook of our bathroom. They can make the colour, designs and the aesthetic nature of the bathroom stand out and appealing if we have creative bathroom storage ideas.

The architectural personality of our bathroom has a powerful but often unremarked influence on one’s state of mind. If the bathroom furniture and cabinets are well arranged and kept, we feel relaxed each time we visit our bathrooms. Moreover, our visitors can tell a lot more about us when they visit our bathrooms. So, it’s important we utilize the spaces properly and efficiently. Bathroom cabinets’ storage ideas are other creative activity we can explore. I can assure you that creativity can drastically reduce your budget and put you on track to having good bathroom storage ideas.

Towel holders and other smaller cabinets can be installed on the bathroom walls instead of just hanging a wall mirror. This will make our towels well kept and clean especially when we consider bathroom storage ideas for small bathrooms.

Back of the door is one available space that most people overlooked may be because it looks awkward or out of place, but know now it’s a great place to install hooks for towels or other accessories as the need arises.

Over the toilet space can also be utilized for your storage cabinets and possibly some shelves.

Be creative and innovative to generate more bathroom storage ideas. Remember, space is always available if only you can create one. Finally the desires for bathroom storage ideas can bring fort our creativity nature that we have always overlooked and by so doing help us on bathroom cabinets storage ideas. A perfect bathroom is appealing and welcoming. So organise yours well with creative bathroom storage ideas and make it an ideal bathroom. Good luck!


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