Small Bathroom Tile Ideas


One must be very careful in planning the decoration of his small bathroom. The small bathroom tile ideas must be placed in such a way that the bathroom looks bigger than its actual size. Color of the tile chosen is an important factor while decorating a small bathroom as it is the only thing that can give your bathroom a bigger look. If you choose a wrong design of the tiles, then your small bathroom may look further small and dull.

The most important thing that one must keep in mind while planning small bathroom tile ideas is that the color of the tile chosen must be of light shade. A lighter choice of colors in a small bathroom gives a much bigger feeling of the bathroom.  The light color receives the light and reflects it, thus giving a bigger perspective about the size of the bathroom.

Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

You can also go for mosaics to take a break to the light color that you have already chosen for other rooms. Going for a light mosaic design can be a break from the monotonous color tile that has been applied on the wall. A contrast of light colors on the wall and floor can really make the bathroom look attractive and dynamic. It is better to cover the entire wall with light colored ceramic tiles as the cost will be less in case of ceramic tiles.

One can also use mosaic tiles with designs on the wall. The design can be chosen in such a way that it may look like a rectangle raised little bit from the wall. It seemed that some diamonds have been fitted to the wall. But it is better to plan small bathroom tile ideas in such a way that one can strike a balance between his budget and practical sense.

Another tip for making your bathroom look bigger is that you can place one or two small hanging mirrors on the bathroom wall, as that will reflect the light and make the bathroom look much bigger. So, while planning for your small bathroom tile ideas, please keep the mirror option also in mind.

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