Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas


One must take time to choose their bathroom wall tile ideas and give the bathroom a dynamic and vibrant look. Making your bathroom looking great is a trend nowadays. While making an ideal bathroom wall tile idea, one must keep in mind to balance the budget and the beauty of the thing. If your bathroom is small, your plan will be something and if it is big, you may go for some other options. So, you bathroom décor must be according to the size of your bathroom.

If your bathroom is a small one, you must go for light colored wall tiles as they will make the bathroom look bigger. Light colors take the light and reflect it and in the process, the bathroom looks bigger and brighter. Fitting one or two mirrors also make the bathroom feel bigger.

Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas

Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas

You can also go for multi-colored bathroom wall tile ideas. Here you have to use tiles of different colors on your bathroom wall instead of a single color. This design is suited best for the kids. You can also apply tiles of similar color, but with different designs.

If your bathroom is a bigger one, you can go for darker tiles. But do not go for too much dark tiles, even if your bathroom is large. If you use dark tiles all along the wall of your bathroom, make sure that you give a light border along the wall to give a contrast view. You can accordingly choose light colored bathroom accessories to create a contrast view of the bathroom.

Size of the tiles is another important factor you must keep in mind while planning your bathroom wall tile ideas. It is better to use the 8-inch-by-10-inch tiles as you will require less number of tiles and it will also be less expensive. Amount of grout used will also be less as you have fewer spaces to fill. You can also place tiles of contrasting colors randomly in between the tiles placed on the wall. This concept can create a new design on the wall of your bathroom. You can choose the colors accordingly.


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