Bathroom Tile Design Ideas


With so many colors and design of tiles being available in the market, creating the right bathroom ambience has become a very important part of interior decoration nowadays. One must strike a balance between your budget, decorating views and other practical considerations while choosing the right bathroom tile design ideas.

Bathroom tiles can be made up of different materials. They may be stone, porcelain mosaic or ceramic. Ceramic tiles are most popular, stone tiles are most costly and porcelain is somewhere between the two. You will have to decide the material according to your budget. While buying the tiles, you must see that the batch is same. If the batch is different, you may land up getting different sizes.

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Size of the bathroom is another important factor while framing your bathroom tile design ideas. If your bathroom is small in size, you must use light colored shades on the wall, as it will give your bathroom a much needed open view. Color of the tile play a very important role in determining the look and ambience of the bathroom. If anybody can use a pale or pastel shade with some bright contrast combinations, it will give a cheerful look along with calmness. One can also use alternate color tiles to give a new design to the bathroom. It is better to use a contrast color on the floor and along the wall as that will give a dynamic look to the bathroom.

While choosing the right bathroom tile design ideas, one must keep in mind the simplicity factor. Just remember that the some of the most beautiful bathrooms are most simply designed. One can go for simple floor and wall colors and can add bright color to the bathroom accessories and shower curtains.

Another unique thing that can be done is you can go for a combination of different types of tiles. You can go for a combination of mosaic and ceramic tiles and create a focal point in your bathroom. You will get the most out of your bathroom tile design ideas if you consult with a bathroom design consultant. They can guide your bathroom tile design ideas into a masterpiece you will love for years to come.


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