Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas


In last article, I ever posted about bathoom shower tile ideas. Anda now I wanna discuss about floor tile. Bathroom floor tiles can be designed in various shapes and sizes and in different colors and designs. While planning your bathroom floor tile ideas, one thing that must be kept in mind is that the tiles are not slippery as the bathroom floors remain wet most of the time. So, while drafting your own bathroom floor tile ideas, you must have knowledge of the different materials of which the tiles are made.

The different types of floor tiles that can best suit your bathroom needs are glazed ceramic tiles, decorative tiles, mosaic tiles, natural stone tile, porcelain tile, quarry tile and terracotta tile.

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Of these ceramic tiles are most popular as they are cost effective and the finish looks like a natural stone. They are also durable and can resist dampness and so, safe to walk upon. Decorative tiles are available in floral patterns with varied geographical patterns and they can create a nice look of the bathroom. Mosaic tiles are rectangular and being small, a lot of grout is necessary and that helps in the long run to reduce slippery. Stone tiles are mostly composed of granite, marble, limestone and slate. The main problem with stone tiles is that they get stained easily and in the process becomes very difficult to clean. However, they are costly and add more beauty to the bathroom than anything else. But only people with costly bathroom floor tile ideas can afford stone tiles.

Porcelain tiles are also very nice, as their clay base can display some unique attractive colors. They are also resistant to stain, as they are manufactured at a very high temperature. Quarry tiles come with a variety of options, but have got fewer designs. Terracotta tiles are popular in some limited countries like Mexico, Spain and Italy.

Your bathroom floor tile ideas should be planned in such a way that it can change your mood from a sad to happy one. Choosing the right color of the floor tile is another aspect. Colors like blue, green or violet as associated with giving a cool feeling. If you want a romantic feeling, you can use light pink or blue floral tiles.


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